Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hey, hey!

     I was thinking about this whole blog launch the past few days. I mean, it's sort of like when you first start out in any relationship. You make your first impressions and if that works well you go home all giddy and plan out your next moves. You're eager to make the phone call, but too soon and you're desperate - too late and she's gone forever! ...Anyways, this is my second call to you.

I'll share with you my intentions right off the bat; I hope to squeeze out a post once a week. My life really isn't that interesting so there is a good chance I could slack off even further, but I'll try!

 Secondly, I need to come clean. Like any first date, you've been given some white lies (c'mon my wife had to have known I wasn't really Mr GQ when we first met). My truth?.. 15 minutes are unlikely to get me on the start line in Boston - that time is probably closer to 17 or 18 minutes. 15 is just the neat, round little number that gets me a Boston Qualifier (BQ).  However, because of the popularity (especially since 2013) of the race, entry numbers have skyrocketed and they've had to put a cap on the number of entries per qualifying bracket. So technically this means that running a qualifying marathon in 3:05 is too easy (the fuck?!).

What does this mean for me? Obviously I would like to run Boston and experience the rush of the crowd, the school bus to Hopkinton, the girls of Wellesley and the Citgo sign. But more than anything I just want to be able to call myself a Qualifier. To know that I have faced the challenge, fought and overcome.

So,  I hope that we can move past this early fibbage and onto better things together. Boston baby, one run at a time! That's all I have for now, as you can see from the Strava widget on the right side I had an Interval workout with my team Pace and Mind tonight, and I am exhausted and hungry. Time to recover.

Talk soon, run happy!


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